"Wyoming's Wonderful Women; an admirer recites the special charms of his state's spirited females, from Nellie Tayloe Ross, and the nation's first woman governor, to today's teen-age cuties" by Paul Schubert in The Saturday Evening Post, 1 August 1959

Not only were there strong female leaders during the beginning of the women's suffrage movement, the strong female leaders in Wyoming stayed until the end. Wyoming in 1869 passed a bill declaring that every women the age of 21 or older was able to cast her vote. In the first murder trial the jury consisted of 6 men and 6 women. Eliza Stewart was the only single woman to serve on the jury. Nellie Tayloe Ross was the nation's first woman governor. Many women had a powerful hand in the mix for the pioneer ideal for women in Wyoming.

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Clarice Whittenburg papers, Collection No. 400066, Box 20, American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming
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