For Families

For Parents

It’s exciting to have your child working on a History Day project! So much will be learned about critical thinking, project preparation, and presentation skills as your child moves through the process. But you may have lots of questions about that process. We at Wyoming History Day are here to help!

The Wyoming History Day competition process is comprised of three levels: school, district, and state. In addition, there is a national competition where winners at the state level compete. Questions regarding the classroom and school level should be directed to the teacher. If you have questions about the district competition, you can ask one of the Wyoming district coordinators. Questions about the state and national competition should be sent to Wyoming History Day.

If your child’s school does not participate in History Day, please contact us for information about how to participate. Are you a homeschool parent? We can help you get started and provide you with the necessary resources.

What is the role of parents?

  • Provide encouragement to your child in their process.
  • Review National History Day’s “How To Create An NHD Project” page with your child to make sure they are familiar with all the requirements. Make sure you read the rule book. If you have questions, please contact Wyoming History Day!
  • For resources, invite your child to look at the website of digitized primary sources offered by the University of Wyoming American Heritage Center. Bring your child to local historical societies and libraries. Encourage them to conduct oral history interviews.
  • Take a look at sample projects from previous National History Day competitions.
  • Consult with your child’s teacher to become familiar with the project schedule and deadlines. Deadlines for the state competition can be found on the Wyoming History Day homepage.
  • Provide transportation to History Day competitions.
  • You can assist with the operation of dangerous equipment, such as power tools, but only students are responsible for the design, construction, and presentation of projects.
  • Parents can also help with transporting exhibits and props. But remember only students are allowed to set up the exhibits and props and operate documentary and website equipment.
  • You can also help prepare your child for competition judging with practice questions for the interview. Unlike traditional classroom assignments, the competition judges will spend most of the time reviewing the projects with the students and asking a few questions. Students are not expected to do a full presentation. Most interviews will last five to ten minutes.