Wyoming scenes - silent

Capron labeled this set of clips as "Wyoming Original." Scenes include antelope; birds drinking water along shoreline; car driving on dirt road in sagebrush desert; South Pass City; landscape showing red hills; mallard duck and goose nests with eggs; sagebrush; Halleck's Point in the Grand Tetons; driving in a blizzard; Crowheart Butte; Mount Moran across lake; rock formations at Red Buttes near Laramie; wildflowers; Papoose Lake, Sublette County; "Howdy Stranger" billboard; relief map of Wyoming; Murie plaque; cattle drive near Dinwoody Lake; sunset; melting snow; building buried in snow and Capron walking up to the building (probably in Tetons area); car driving on Oregon Trail wagon ruts; antelope; train car holding ore; outlet of dam; sign for Prairie Dog Town and prairie dogs; clearing snow off road; car (Capron's?) on plowed road; anemone; (flowers); rotary snow plow at work; golden eye ducks; geese; mallard and mallard eggs; naturalists Olaus & Mardy Murie; hawk on post; trumpeter swan; red fox; and Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep.

Resource Identifier
Mildred Stead Capron papers, Collection No. 3470, Box 15, American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming
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