Wyoming print cuts - silent

Scenes include woodpecker feeding baby; a lake; Knight Hall at University of Wyoming; University Art Department; porcupine; mountains and beaver lodge; setting trap for beaver; wild horse corral; antelope; Bob Carmichael fishing; Lola Green fishing; chipmunk eating; Moose Chapel & window; heron at gold sunlight; elk at gold sunlight; winter river; chickadee; stellar jays; salsify floating; two boys re porcupine; butterfly on yellow flower; beaver at lodge at late light; Canada goose near water; two geese then flight; trumpeter swan on water; various float trip images; flying over Snake River; coyote on snow; Mildred Capron and deer; three trumpeter swans; men in kayak; cow moose and calf; naturalist Mardy Murie shoveling roof; vireo babies being fed

Resource Identifier
Mildred Stead Capron papers, Collection No. 3470, Box 15, American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming
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