Scully correspondence, notes, and other UFO-related materials, 1955-1965

Magazine articles from 1955 and 1956 discrediting Scully, Newton and GeBauer and a magazine article by Scully titled “Flying Saucers and the Desert” (Palm Springs Villager, Sept. 1956) about Van Tassel’s Giant Rock conventions. There are Frank Scully’s notes from January 1957 regarding visit by Gene Dorsey who brought various pieces of UFO-related news. Also an invitation in 1957 from an Air Force squadron for preview of the film “We’ve Seen the Saucers,” made by private citizen. News clippings include a 1957 announcement of George Van Tassel’s candidacy for the 1960 US presidential race; the 1959 Giant Rock Convention held by Van Tassel; and an article by Frank Scully on the 1956 Giant Rock Convention. A 1957 letter from a Riverside, Calif., newspaper asks Scully for an article on flying saucers with Scully’s extensive reply and another letter from 1958 asking if Scully still stands by claims he made in Behind the Flying Saucers including Scully’s reply. Materials relating to George Adamski include Lucy McGinnis’s letter detailing her break with him in 1961; a 1961 letter to Scully from a member of the San Francisco Interplanetary Club mentioning Adamski; Adamski’s announcement of his 1963 break with C. A. Honey, who was his secretary after Lucy McGinnis; and an announcement and news article about Adamski’s death on April 23, 1965.

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Frank Scully papers, Collection No. 9554, Box 3, Folder 1, American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming
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