Scully correspondence, notes, and other UFO-related materials, 1954

Letters and telegrams from NICAP, Max B. Miller, Clarence Green and Rev. Leon LeVan on 1953 disappearance of Hunrath and Wilkerson. There are letters from Jerry Baker regarding George Adamski’s UFO photographs, including doubts cast on them by Lonzo Dove, the owner of a photofinishing business. Included are magazines articles by George Adamski, Donald Menzel, and E. W. Grenfell as well as J.P. Cahn’s 6-part series (#5 missing) in the San Francisco Chronicle exposing Silas Newton, Leo GeBauer (“Dr. Gee”) as con men. Notes by the Scullys are about alleged coverup of UFO landing at Edwards Air Force base in Nov. 1953; Stephen Darbishire’s UFO photos as compared to Adamski’s; and more. There are drafts of articles by Frank Scully and journalist Anne McKittrick about George Van Tassel’s first Giant Rock Convention in 1954 and Frank’s notes about a “Saucerian Convention” in Los Angeles. Also included are letters from Silas Newton regarding troubles related to his legal case and his attempts to raise funds, including an idea for a proposed paid lecture tour on UFOs. Also includes Newton’s notes regarding his UFO lecture at Denver University on March 8, 1950. 

Resource Identifier
Frank Scully papers, Collection No. 9554, Box 3, Folder 1, American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming
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