Letter from Jean Brooks Greenleaf to U.S. Senator Joseph M. Carey, June 23, 1894

Greenleaf urges Carey to confirm a date to speak before the suffrage committee at the New York State Constitutional Convention, noting that the committee will soon close public hearings. She references her telegram of June 22 asking if June 26 would work for him. Two days later, June 28, 1894, Carey did speak before the committee the final hearing. At the end of the hearings, the suffrage committee wrote a report opposing the women’s suffrage amendment. Discussion on this report, held from August 8 through 14, 1894, was attended by large numbers of suffragists. Following the discussion, the Convention voted on the suffrage amendment. It was defeated; 98 opposed it, while 58 voted in its favor. Transcription included.

Resource Identifier
Carey family papers, Collection No. 1212, Box 13, Folder 11, American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming
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