Letter to Jack D. Pickett from David L. Baker, Director of the American Heritage Center at University of Wyoming, February 1, 1991. Also letter to Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defense, from Jack D. Pickett, Novemeber 27, 1992

David Baker writes his appreciation to Jack D. Pickett regarding his contribution of material on the USAF Aircrafts. Jack D. Pickett writes to Dick Cheney asking that for the release of photographs of the disc wing aircrafts to the American Heritage Center, for inclusion in the file. Pickett includes how he had previously recieved permission for materials like this to be sent and added to the archives at the University of Wyoming's, American Heritage Center.

Resource Identifier
Jack D. Pickett papers, Collection No. 9248, Box 1, Folder 2, American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming
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