Part Tenth: We Leave Johnson County. Captured by Cattlement. A Close Call

Martin and Solon visit friends in Buffalo before returning to Laramie, but keep secret their unforeseen involvement in the Invasion. Martin remarks on the wisdom of secrecy, writing the Invaders could have them arrested on trumped up charges, such as the fate of Ben Jones and William Walker. Martin and Solon begin the trip back to Laramie, stopping overnight at the ruins of the KC Ranch. They are accosted by Invaders' allies and almost hung as rustlers, but saved when one of the party vouches for Martin. The pair are released after taking oaths not to reveal names. Martin quotes the oath, and describes the circumstances that released him from the oath. 

Resource Identifier
Negus in Johnson County: A history of the Johnson County stock war, manuscript by William Augustus Martin, undated.
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