Part Ninth: Subsequent Events at Buffalo and Burial of Ray and Champion

The Invaders surrender to U.S. Army Colonel Van Horn and within two hours are safely escorted to Ft. McKinney. With disdain, Martin comments that Wyoming's political faction ensured the Invaders' safety. Martin praises Buffalo resident Robert Foote for rousing residents to repel the Invaders. The burial of Champion and Ray is described in quotes from Mercer's Banditti of the Plains. Martin notes that the sight of Champion's and Ray's bodies inflamed Buffalo residents and copies of Champion's diary were passed around. See William C. Irvine's letter to Charles B. Penrose in this collection (ah09626_138-149) for a different story of the diary's whereabouts.

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Negus in Johnson County: A history of the Johnson County stock war, manuscript by William Augustus Martin, undated.
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