Part Eighth: The Siege of the T. A. Ranch

The Invaders and the opposing force conduct a seige complete with breastworks and rifle pits. Martin states that the Invaders were unconcerned due to the support of powerful political friends. But the Invaders were fighting amongst themselves with Tom Smith and Frank Canton attempting to maintain control. Martin and Solon now join the opposing force. Shooting continued for two days (April 11 & 12) with the opposing force building a "Go Devil" when soldiers arrived. Martin notes Major Wolcott's defiant surrender and hatred of Sheriff William G. "Red" Angus, who represented to Wolcott and other large cattlemen the Democratic anti-cattle baron sentiments of Buffalo, as well as a law officer who refused to arrest alleged cattle rustlers.

Resource Identifier
Negus in Johnson County: A history of the Johnson County stock war, manuscript by William Augustus Martin, undated.
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