Affidavits of Charles H. Burritt, Horace R. Mann, Thomas J. Bouton, Charles Carter, William J. Thom, and James T. Craig, April and June 1892

Written under oath to inform the Governor of Wyoming, these affidavits addressed the current situation of the invaders and the reactions of the individuals close to the situation. The band of invaders appeared to have the sympathy of the sheriff, while rancher's property was stolen and no protections were provided by the sheriff and the deputies. Not only was property being stolen and damaged, some individuals felt that their lives were being threatened by the "rustlers", physical injury was often threatened to the law-abiding citizens. The Governor Amos W. Barber confirmed that the affidavits had been received and placed on file on June 17th, 1892. 

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Carey Family papers, Collection No. 1212, Box 13, Folder 4, American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming
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